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Colorful Magic by Bruce

The “Bruce” in Colorful Magic by Bruce is actually Bruce Jacoby. Although Bruce may be an experienced magician now, he did not start magic in the traditional way. Most magicians start as a young child, while Bruce started much later in life. Prior to becoming a magician, Bruce was a self-employed finish carpenter.

Over the years, Bruce has taken his trademark name “Colorful Magic” and incorporated it into many different types of shows. Bruce also does balloon twisting magic and balloon workshops. Every show is not only fun, but magical, entertaining, engaging, and of course, Colorful. Bruce’s desire is to make it an experience that becomes not only a magical experience, but makes a difference in your day and brings a smile and some laughs!

Jared Fernau

Michael Fitzsimmons

Featuring the unique and intriguing instruments from Switzerland called Hang – reminiscent of the steel drums of Trinidad, Michael incorporates the Hang’s beautiful, other worldly sounds with over 30 years’ experience as a composer and performer.  

He showcases an exciting variety of drums from Cuba, West Africa, Central and South America; flutes from Brazil, China and Native America; pan pipes from Bolivia; and kalimbas from South Africa. He weaves variety into his performances through improvisational works using a loop station.  These multilayered songs unfold before your eyes and between your ears. 

Barbara Funke

Barb Funke aka Tulip and Friends from State Center, Iowa, is a children’s and family entertainer with over 25 years as a professional. Tulip’s shows will include storytelling, puppets, and ventriloquism as well as lots of magic. Barb has always believed in the children she entertains. She believes in each individual child and has worked hard to keep the best sort of puppet friends around her to entertain and educate children. After the curtain has fallen and the laughs and smiles have gone, Barb hopes that Tulip and her friends have made a lasting impact on her audience.

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